Win Win Media LLC

Building Brands with New Media


Win Win Media LLC is a family owned business in New Hampshire, USA.  We build brands using new media.  Our specialty is building expert websites that strive to provide our visitors with the best information on a topic (known in the trade as content marketing).   We monetize these sites by offering appropriate affiliate links and information rich email marketing.  We believe these methods are a win-win as our site visitors get the information they want for free and we are compensated by relevant advertisers.  In the future, we may pursue additional monetization methods as well.

Currently, we are focussed on building the Sarah Wilson Dog Expert portfolio of sites in the dog market.  For more information, visit

We are always interested in opportunities that serve our customers and clients.  If you have a proposal, please contact us.

Best always,

Sarah & Tim Wilson

Principals (and also sister & brother)

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